How to Pick the Best Dining Room Table for Your Space

How to Pick the Best Dining Room Table for Your Space

How to Pick the Best Dining Room Table for Your Space Smaller, minimalistic tables fit well in open concept areas.

Take Stock of Your Room’s Size

The most defining feature of the dining room table is its size. Some are expansive. Some are small and minimalistic. Your dining room’s size is going to be a large factor in what size of table you get, of course. So start by measuring the space in which you plan to put the dining room table.

If you’d like more room to walk when you’re not entertaining, also remember to look at drop-leaf or extendable dining room table designs. That way, you can remove part of the table or fold part of it down when you want the extra floor space. This is especially useful for smaller dining rooms.

As a side note, many open concept designs in homes don’t have a set dining room space. Instead, you create an eating space wherever you put the table. Visual elements like a floor rug can create some organization in the space. Smaller and streamlined tables usually work in this style, as they don’t overpower or crowd the open space.

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Dining Room Table Wood Style

A dining room table can set the tone for a whole room, like with this highly rustic and textured design.

Choose a Style and Material for your Dining Room Table

Your next step is to choose the style you want in a dining room table. It might be easy to think, “Well, a wood one, I guess.” But all dining room tables have specific details in their materials and construction that make certain styles better for certain types of rooms. A few examples include:

Classic homes do well with rich wood textures like mahogany and dark espresso finishes. Contemporary homes do well with minimal and modern styles. Industrial styles do well with a dining room table that uses metal elements, like stainless steel table legs. Artsy homes do well with funky styles, like table legs that angle outward or tabletops that are in unconventional, geometric shapes. Country styles do well with rustic, textured wood pieces.

These are just a few dining room table ideas. Remember, when looking for a larger piece of furniture, often it’s an intuitive process. Sometimes the right piece will just “speak” to you. Keep your room’s style in mind and it can be easier to pinpoint that perfect piece.